Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A hopeful one of many

I am not usually one to write stuff down or document my life, but having been inspired by my friend Fi to start journaling and now blogging, I'm giving it a try.
It may prove to be a useful way of updating my various friends spread over the world, or a place to improve my writing skills, or simply a way to voice my thoughts and feelings of everyday life. Who knows, we'll see, but I hope to keep it up.

In exactly 5 days I will atlast be able to call myself a proper medic. After having survived a year doing premed, I will now be entering the realm of medicine, which has only just dawned on me to be a rather scary prospect! Hospitals, lectures, dissection, patients, essays, exams and who knows what else is about to be thrown at me, but I am nevertheless very much looking forward to it :) I can see that having a years worth of university experience under my belt will definitely be an advantage. I have a house, friends, church, cell group, so the only newness of this yr is starting medicine, so really I have everything to be thankful for.
Since I am likely to have more spare time this yr then I will ever have again, I hope to use it to my advantage; not wasting my time watching stuff on the internet, but investing time in people, reading, painting, journaling, and spending time getting to know and understand God better.

So this is my first, a little bit about me and my new phase of life ~*